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let go of travel. embrace the box of daily experience

travel can be boring and uncomfortable at times, just like being at home. i realized this in Italy last month. i already knew this rationally, but it clicked for me more viscerally this trip, maybe because i stayed long enough.

it’s the wisdom from the article Travel is No Cure for the Mind. you move to another place to leave your box of daily experience to another country where everything is fresh and new, but eventually that you are back in your box of daily experience.

i’ve come to a point in my life where i want to make the most of my box of daily experience, rather than trying to travel more. i still know i want to travel, maybe even live abroad in my future. i find it rewarding in many ways. but most of my life is going to be my box of daily experience here in America and i want to accept and enjoy that.

Happiness is not experiencing something else; it's continually experiencing what you already have in new and different ways.
- Brianna West