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May OKRs


1. Work towards the best body of my life, as measured by:

  • Completing 12 lifting sessions of 5/3/1 BBB and 4 swimming sessions.
  • Weighing myself daily and losing .5-1lbs per week (outside of week 1).

2. Cook and eat home cooked food regularly, as measured by:

  • Cooking or eating cooked leftovers for at least 7 lunches or dinners a week.

3. Track my spending regularly, as measured by:

  • Setting up categories and allocated amounts for the month of May in YNAB.
  • Tagging transactions every week into categories.


I want to do lift again because I enjoy the endorphins from exercise, and enjoy pumping iron while listening to music. Also because muscle mass is highly correlated with living longer. I want to lose weight, because I want to look good, but also because eating less is also supposed to be correlated with living longer. And I've never tried to do a cut explicitly, so I'm curious.

I want to cook regularly, because it's a fun way to explore the world, it saves money, it's a fun way to express love to others and bring people together, and it's easier to be healthier while cooking.

I want to budget, because I want to always understand where my money is going. I want to allocate my money towards the right things. Also, sometimes I feel guilty or anxious spending and I want to cut down on that.

Overall, I'm choosing to be really good at adulting and life first. Once I do that, I want to ascend Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and do other cool shit. But not now.

Whenever I have a craving to do something else, I'll take a deep breath and let it go. Maybe I'll write it down to pursue in future months. But the most important thing this month is to stick to my goals. I can do a different course next month if I really need.


  • I want to be conservative with my OKRs this month, because I traditionally set goals and forget about them. Case in point, I somewhat flubbed my OKRs in May.
  • I really want to get all green on my OKRs this time. The specific OKRs don't even matter.
  • I'm tracking activities more than outcomes in some cases, but I find the motivation from tracking activities more helpful than tracking outcomes.
  • I have no quarterly or yearly goals this is all building up to. Maybe one day, but for now I want to just commit to something for at least a month.
  • No mid-month renegotiation. I will do whatever it takes to get these done, no exceptions. I'll change course next month if need be.

Implementation Plan

Work towards the best body of my life

I need to go to the gym, which I have down, so no worries there. I'll go after work, unless I want to switch to the mornings to go with my roommate.

I'll be at my friend's apartment for a week instead of mine due to a sublease situation, so I'll use his pool then.

I already track workouts in the workout app Perseus, so at the end of the week as part of my weekly review, I'll update progress on the KR. Added that as an item to my checklist.

Weighing myself regularly - this I keep forgetting to do. Especially bc after I eat or drink water in the morning I feel like I can't weigh myself. I'll shoot for first thing after I wake up. But if I miss it, I should track it anyway. I'll track it in MyFitnessPal.

I also need to eat appropriately the right amount. I'll shoot for maintenance the first week, and I'll just try to track on MyFitnessPal every day. As soon as I eat, I should enter it into MyFitnessPal. I should also do some planning before I cook that will help with macros. But I just need to do it, even if it takes more time.

I read somewhere that when bulking, you can just add 300 calories to your dailies and that would work. I'll start with that, and see how that affects my weight gain, and adjust from there.

Cook and eat home cooked food regularly

To get this done, I have to grocery shop regularly to have ingredients. I also need to plan my meals on the weekend, because I need to get the ingredients, find a recipe for certain things, or ask my mom for tips. The weekly planning + groceries will be important. I'll try to plan that into the weekend, but if I miss then on Monday evening.

How will I track this KR?

Track my spending regularly

I need to set aside time the first week to set up YNAB categories/allocations. Then I can do it on weekends. Alternatively I can do it daily or whenever I feel like it.

I'll start with daily/immediately, and move to on weekends if I feel like it.

tl;dr Action Items

  • Lift after work 4x a week
  • Buy swim trunks
  • Swim 4x a week after work that one week
  • Put a ton of energy into weighing myself first thing in the morning and tracking on MFP after whatever I eat. Always make time for it. It doesn't take that long, other things can wait.
  • On weekends, plan when and what I'll cook. Also grocery shop
  • Set aside some time first week of May where I figure out my categories/allocations for YNAB
  • Try tagging transactions immediately/daily. If that doesn't work well, do weekends.