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retro: April OKRs

retro: April OKRs
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  1. meditation get a meditation streak going again via Insight Timer + attend 2 meditation retreat days
  2. dating go on 3 first dates
  3. cardio run the half marathon i have this month without injury
  4. dance attend 3+ dance classes (attend part 1, 2, and 4 of Set Me Free choreo)
  5. aesthetic revamp my wardrobe (deliverable: curate a prioritized wishlist) + figure out how to take care of my beard

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OKRs - grading

  • meditation - I meditated 29 of 30 days, which is great! But I didn't attend the meditation retreat days. In hindsight, I prioritized social events or me-time over the retreat days. If I wanted to achieve this, I would have had to sacrifice one of the two, which I did not 🟑
  • dating - I didn't go on 3 first dates, but I went on 3 dates with the same person. this month was definitely a win for dating lol, see here 🟒
  • cardio - ran the half marathon without major injury 🟒
  • dance - attended 2 dance classes. I could have easily attended a third, but I got discouraged, since the choreo was so hard. if I continue to pursue dance I should make sure I should remember I'm a beginner, and that it takes a lot of time to get choreos down 🟑
  • aesthetic - I totally forgot this was an OKR lol. I should review my OKRs regularly, and I should try to have fewer OKRs for now πŸ”΄

totals: 🟒 2, 🟑 2, πŸ”΄ 1

OKRs - reflections

  • have less OKRs and more conservative OKRs, until I'm able to achieve them regularly.
  • dance - motivation here waned. i could have overcome the hurdles here if it was important enough to me. should it be important to me?
  • meditation retreats - honestly this is important to me. could i have given up some socializing or me-time to make this happen? same line of thinking as dance.
  • in the future, I should work hard to make sure my OKRs are de-risked motivation-wise. and when OKRs are set, I should fight tooth-and-nail to get them done, and re-evaluate at the end of month if they were right or not. i should rely on discipline, not motivation.
  • i wish i accounted for my other commitments not captured in OKRs better. i had a lot of social commitments, and i also need some downtime to relax outside of work, and do chores.
  • i should have checked in on my OKRs outside of just at the end of the month lol. i have a weekend review process I'll slot OKR check-ins into for next month.