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meal prep

i feel like i finally figured out making meal prep work in my life.


  • when i cook, i need to make sure there's enough food. i often cooked small portions before which made cooking unsatisfactory.
  • relatedly, i don't just do chicken rice veggies anymore. i do chicken rice veggies and beans/lentils - the fiber/protein hell keep me full.
  • also chicken thighs >>>>> chicken breast for taste. maybe i'll wean myself off the former but also maybe not.
  • invest in good glassware to hold the meal prep. i need a bigger container than a lot of people. i also prefer rectangular containers where others prefer round.
  • i enjoy having the food already assembled in the glassware so i don't have to do any work during lunchtime outside of microwaving. previously, the friction to assemble the parts of the meal prep deterred me from eating it sometimes lol. i'm weak
  • gotta cook on sunday to last me through wednesday. then if i want to eat well the back half of the week, realistically i have to meal prep wednesday.

i'll share more details of my preferred meal prep soon :)