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things take a long time (core belief)

things take a long time to do. to do a single thing, you have to do:

  • planning. not only do you have to do the work, you have to plan the work which takes a lot of time. my job taught me how much planning goes into successful operations.
  • course corrections / overcoming plateuas. you also can't mindlessly do the work. every once in a while, you have to figure out a tricky behavior change, or debug a tough plateau. this takes time.
  • consistency. many things take a long time to see results. ppl often quit before the results, or also are not consitent enough.
  • stay motivated. to stay motivated you often need to have some mix of caring about the same things, as well as consuming content / surround yourself w ppl that motivate you to do X.

thus overall you can only do one or two things at a time.

also, we have more and more desires in this modern day. we want to do more and more. we want to be underwater basket weavers that speak Japanese and have a six pack and wake up at 5am every day. it's just not possible.

we have to let go of most of our desires if we want peace. and just have a small set of desires which we have time for