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notes - tynan gear post

Tynan, an OG onebag traveler and blogger, posts annual gear posts. here are my notes for the 2023 one:

Gear Post 2023 – Tynan.com
  • interesting he has just a heavy puffer jacket and a light rain shell. this will inform my capsule wardrobe - i'll probably have more jackets, but good to know this can cover most temperatures (maybe also need a winter coat for NY).
  • money clip - this seems cool and minimalist! i'm also due for a wallet upgrade, i might get one 👀
  • samsung foldable - ugh i want this so bad. i'm really bought into larger screens being better for productivity. but that price tag and having to switch away from the iOS ecosystem... i'll just continue to lust for it.
  • the travel adapter and keychain converter cable seem nice, but what i have rn is working, so no need.
  • overall, inspires me to be more minimalist, especially with clothing. i traveled to italy with a carry on, a tote bag, and a backpack. i want to keep my life back home minimalist too - less to clean, and overall looks better, everything's easy to find, etc.

maybe i should do a yearly gear post for my home life 🤔 i feel that would be interesting.