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What’s more important on a vacation—high peaks or no valleys?

The Science of How to Enjoy Your Vacation
Learn how to plan and take a vacation that’s good for your mind, body and soul.
What’s more important on a vacation—high peaks or no valleys?

“High peak” vacations are marked by seminal experiences you’ll always remember. These vacations enrich your life in some way. Sometimes it’s by discovering new things about yourself and the world or making your life and the world around you better. If you’re someone who seeks moving or memorable experiences, plan a high-peak vacation. Consider traveling for a cause, spending time with locals, supporting local business, visiting a wildlife conservation, or taking a retreat or cooking class.

“No valley” vacations are about taking it slow, keeping it casual, low hassle, and full of pleasure. While no valley vacations lack the seminal experiences of a high valley vacation, there are no “low” moments, which maximizes relaxation. Do you love the idea of keeping it light, just having fun and being pampered, even if there’s little change from one day to the next? Consider going someplace or doing something (or nothing) to create more ease in your life, declutter your overworked mind, escape the rigors of life, and play.

Interestingly, research reveals some gender differences in preference. Women tend to gravitate toward meaningful experiences (high peaks), while men prefer pleasurable ones (no valleys). Yet, everyone needs both experiences, and the balance shifts across seasons of life.

i love this mental model. i want to apply it to seasons of life too - do i want a season with "high peaks" or a season with "no valleys"?