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June OKRs - renegotiated

I'm not internally aligned on the OKRs I set for this month, which is problematic bc it's already June 5th lol.

it takes a lot of time to internally align on OKRs sometimes, and planning the OKRs also takes time. that makes it expensive (time wise) to set monthly OKRs. it's also tough since I have travel this month, which I'm realizing is going to take up so much of my time.

I'm starting to see the argument for quarterly or annual OKRs that monthly OKRs feed into...

ultimately though, I'm seeing how desirous I am. I want to do it all, and that's causing me dissatisfaction. I need to ask myself, how do I really want to spend my time? there's only 24 hours in a day. and then let go of the other pursuits.

even just... having a job and living seems to take up so much time.

anyway, i will set minimal OKRs this month on just what i care about, which is mostly meditating and exercising.


Exercise regularly (conditioning):

  • Do bodyweight strength circuits 6 times
  • Run 9 times

Meditate regularly:

  • Meditate every day

Make progress on budgeting:

  • Download Rocket app, set it up, see if it's better than YNAB for you (YNAB has turned out to be too hands on for me 😢)

Enjoy Italy

  • :)