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how to fix shin splints

how to fix shin splints

i haven't fixed mine yet but the internet says:

to recover from shin splints:

  • rest at least 2 weeks before getting back into running
  • use compression sleeves or socks
  • ice at least 20 mins multiple times a day for a while

i did all of these, they helped a lot but the shin splints came back when i ran 🤔 tho tbh i only rested for a week and a half-ish.

to prevent them supposedly:

  • shoes - go to a running specialty store, they'll assess what shoe you need. really didn't wanna buy new shoes but turns out i definitely overpronate and would benefit from arch support, so bought some
  • running form - take shorter strides especially, but also generally out how to land midfoot first (supposedly running barefoot as a drill helps)
  • careful with hard pavement and inclines - try running on treadmills
  • strength training - do toe raises/heel raises (aka calf raises/tibialis raises)
  • calf stretches - after run (or in the middle if you develop shin splits), do some kind of calf stretch

i did the first two, but i haven't done the latter three (at least not rigorously), so starting those now

that said I will probably just go to a sports medicine / physical therapy person next week