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Who am I?

I'm not my thoughts, and I'm not my body. I can observe my thoughts. So I can't be my thoughts. I can observe the sensations in my body too. I'm not my body, either. If you read Buddhist thought, you'll run into these ideas.

Hold on. But my thoughts and my body aren't at all different from the tree outside my window, or my friend beside me. They are all not me.

My "self" happens to be anchored to my thoughts and body, but it might as well have been anchored to the tree, or my friend.

In this way, I—aka my thoughts and body—are not the center of the universe .

Imagine you are sitting in a room looking at things in the room. Now imagine if everything that is "you" was suddenly yanked out of the room but perception of the room remained. The room is experiencing itself and there isn't a "you" involved in any of it.

- Reddit

This is incredibly freeing. I can't really have any problems if I'm not the main character.

In a similar vein: