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things i've enjoyed lately (11/30/23)

things i've enjoyed lately (11/30/23)
Photo by shraga kopstein / Unsplash

Props James for this format!

article i enjoyed

Make the Commitment You're Afraid to Make by Nat Eliason.

Nat references neophilia, a term for our enthusiasm for what is new or novel, in this article about commitment. He sees it as a distraction.

I've been thinking about the term since.

product i enjoyed

Things 3 by Cultured Code.

The best todo list app to implement the GTD system in. And the most delightful! I've switched productivity apps multiple times since starting as a PM, but now I'm ready to commit.

I'm committing to Things 3 (and the Apple Notes app for note taking lol) for 2024. Yay commitment!!

Props Mahesh for the rec.

book i enjoyed

Yes Man by Danny Wallace.

A memoir from a man who commits to saying yes to every question for some months. The book is so funny/entertaining and I quite recommend it.

Also IMO many people are just a month of yes away from the community and excitement they want in their lives.

I recommend the movie too! Jim Carrey is in it.

music i enjoyed

Layover by V of BTS.

This R&B album is exactly my taste and I appreciate how cohesive the entire album is 🤗

I've been walking around Williamsburg vibing to it

video i enjoyed

Here's Why Dessert is Gay by Flagrant.

Clip from a comedy podcast on why dessert is gay to order on a first date. I died laughing.

Props to my brother for the rec.

I want to consume more funny content!!!

Pls respond to this email and share funny content with me :)