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my top 10 articles from 2021

my top 10 articles from 2021
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2021 was one of my best writing years.

I published weekly from Mar 21-Aug 15, announcing posts on this Substack.

Here are my ten favorite articles (in no particular order):


How To Retain Friendships Over Years

wow, I'm actually using all three of the strategies from this article in current day


How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

my mom read this and was like, good advice try following it 😂


On My Favorite Book, J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey

both J.D. Salinger and my AP lit teacher were impressed with this analysis


The point of life is to enjoy it

a short post that means a lot to me. It shows my life philosophy from that time


How I Actually Stay Productive (as a Software Engineer)

fan favorite. People have been asking for the PM version of this. I haven't cracked productivity for PM yet tho 😢


Little Red Riding Hood

wait, I re-read this, it's actually so funny. I might have a career in fiction after all...


Notes From A Masterclass in Fiction

so many insight bombs here about how fiction works.


How To Invest in Index Funds (intro, tl;dr, part 1, part 2)

I spent 40+ hours on this guide and cut deep and also cut through the fluff


How to Feel Good More Often And Automatically

man, a tough period in my life. but I learned to manage my mental health


7 Easy Rules for Clear and Cohesive Sentences

a friend told me she was using this as a checklist for her article. I blushed

related: How to Write Elegant Sentences, 4 Ways to End Sentences with Emphasis

Honorable mention

how to clean a bathroom

this one I'm including mostly a meme but it's also the post I revisit most on this site 😂