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what i eat

i have two goals with my diet:

1. eat as many foods as possible from Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen
2. eat enough protein to build muscle (120g)

see: How Not to Die

in the past, life would get chaotic and i would struggle to meet these goals.

but these last two months i’ve done pretty OK on my goals without much effort.

what’s my trick?

the trick

i have two tasty & easy-to-make meals. easy to make as in, <10 minutes. i eat these two meals most days.

one, smoothies. breakfast. i drink a massive one that has fifty grams of protein, and six foods from the daily dozen. over the years, i’ve made hundreds of smoothies.

use what works for your palate and goals. but personally, i blend dates, banana, blueberries, kale, milk, oatmeal, cinnamon, and brown rice protein powder.

two, lentils & veggies. lunch. i’ve made lentils & veggies dozens of times, each with six foods from the daily dozen and thirty grams of protein.

i basically use pre-cooked lentils and pre-cut cruciferous veggies and cook/heat them in a pan. look at this recipe i was inspired by. super filling and yummy.

depending on my mood, i also mix in some of the following:

store bought salad dressing, carrots, the spice blend in this recipe, golden roasted flaxseeds, avocado. i might eat a cutie and/or almonds after.

my links reveal that i am a hardcore trader joe’s stan. if you want, you can buy the exact same ingredients i do.


do i get tired of eating these things?

i do crave and eat other things, maybe two days a week. i like oatmeal and magic spoon cereal and almond butter sandwiches and egg white omelettes for breakfast. for lunch, i also like leftovers from dinner.

i also try to vary dinner a lot.

what do i do for dinner?

dinner i try to put more effort into. when i’m on top of it, i cook tofu stir fries a few times a week. they taste really bomb. i also like to have a plant based burger night. these two meals fit my goals well.

make those two a few times and you’ll have a strong dinner contingent as well.

i also cook other simple things like meat/tofu + grain + veggies. i want to start making indian curries on the weekend that i can pull out on weeknights but i haven’t found the time yet.


if you share my nutritional goals, try smoothies + lentils & veggies + tofu stir fries