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spin content like BTS

The K-pop group BTS produces mountains of content for a single album: title tracks, B-sides, remixes, music videos, lyric videos, dance practices, live stages, TinyTans, sometimes even short films. They also share behind the scenes content: Bangtan Bombs, music video reactions, vlogs, and interviews.

BTS spins content like no one’s business and as a result, their fans (me lol) can engage with these forms of content and become superfans.

Here's an example in contrast. I love mxmtoon and her music. But I can't become her superfan as much since she has spun out less content.

Writers and other creators can spin content too, of course.

So I sat down and brainstormed ways I can spin my longer articles and guides into companion content.

I can create:

  • Summaries / Abridged Versions - summarize an article, maybe my how not to die article.
  • Extended Versions - write the version of the article that contains all the nuance and research.
  • Appendices - write appendices to an article.
  • Outtakes / Bloopers - interesting lines and ideas that didn’t make it into the final draft. really want to go back and do this for my friendship article.
  • Remixes - rewrite an article from a different angle.
  • Reactions - respond to a viral article you wrote two years ago.
  • Notes - share notes/resources/highlights for an article. like Nat Eliason’s book notes.
  • Clips / Snippets - pull out interesting parts of an articles into standalone posts. Tim Ferriss does this with his podcast episodes on Youtube.

On my site, expect to see summaries and clips to be coming soon. Maybe notes too.

Oh and here are misc ideas from the music industry:

  • In music, A-side tracks are title tracks, the tracks in an album that are especially invested in. The B-side tracks receive little to no promo and are released with the album. Which of your articles are A-side and which are B-side?
  • Musicians are sometimes “on tour” promoting, and sometimes musicians are focused on making killer music. Are you making your music rn or are you on tour?