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thoughts on goals

  • goals vs. greedy algorithms
  • in lots of domains in life you don’t need a specific outcome. you get overly stuck to one way of the world working. you also have too many desires. and setting concrete goals is problematic in ways
  • specific outcomes - i need to get healthy. i need to get
  • stick to something for the long run. see that as a moral failure for some reason
  • hard to stick to stuff outside of work. answer might be to do things you enjoy/naturally keep coming back to
  • also systems vs. goals where you do want an outcome
  • priorities are still useful. so it’s very clear what you’re
  • what you really want is intentionality - am i working on the right thing for me right now?
  • what you really want is to know you’re doing the right thing right now, in service of outcomes you want / the set of outcomes you’re ok with?
  • you still want tasks
  • you still want priorities/values (Derek Sivers on orders)
  • you still want habits/systems