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working 3-11pm (EST hours in Italy)

it's nice tbh.

this means i can get up whenever, with no pressure to start work. it also means i can get in my exercise, sunshine, and a long 2 hour italian lunch before work.

i've only done it for a day, but it's been excellent. i had reasonable energy levels throughout the workday too, and got a lot done. i had a energy level dip around 8pm, but it wasn't that bad. interestingly, i had an energy level spike around 11pm, as i was wrapping up work.

in any case, it was so nice i might just never go back to the U.S. lol


10:30 - woke up, meditated, ran, showered
12:30 - lunch, wandering
2:30 - get ready for work
3-11p - work, make/eat dinner
11-12 - this was a black hole
12-1:30 - walk, chill, hang with friend
1:30-2 - get ready for bed
2-2:11 - write this blog post