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would you feel ok if you died rn? (read before answering)

a character died in this k-drama i watched.

he was shot, and died in the arms of this girl he fell in love with.

his last moments, he said he was happy and OK dying because there was someone to cry over him.

that's all he wanted. he was an orphan, so it wasn't a given.

i think about him and the situation of his death a lot. i started asking myself, would i be ok if i died right now?

sometimes, i think yeah, i'd be happy.

i have people i care about, that care about me. obviously my family. but also, James and some other friends. they'd be sad if i died.

i affected them positively, now i'm ready to go.

other times i think, heck no. i have some unfinished business.

e.g. i can't die until i put out a vocal cover of Euphoria on Youtube.

or no, i can't die until i try Viennese coffee. I saw it in a TV show and I've been meaning to try it in SF.

depending on the day, there's a random thing i still need to do.

what about you?

how would you feel if you died rn? would you feel OK?

if not, what's your unfinished business?