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today i met someone who was high EQ and wow

this person identified/responded to emotions i had before i even noticed them.

I started work at Braze this week (orientation), and today I went into the office. Braze had this happy hour with pizza today.

I was sitting next to this more experienced PM. she went to the kitchen for the happy hour, but i stayed behind at my desk. i was watching some recorded sales calls.

she came back a bit later and before heading out for the day, told me

(1) don't worry about learning everything too quick. it took me 6 weeks to get all the info in my head and also even 6 months later i still ask silly questions.

(2) also if you want to go to the happy hour, hover around our office mom person, she'll do a good job welcoming you and introducing you to people.

then she left.

i mulled it over, and i was like wait, i feel comforted. she nailed responses to two emotions i didn't even notice i was having.

i was a bit worried about learning everything and doing a good job as a PM. that's why i was binging material instead of going home or to happy hour.

and i was a bit scared about going to happy hour. i didn't know anyone, but i did kinda want to socialize. (or at least socialize enough to get pizza.)

the more i thought about it, the more in awe i was of how well and easily this person supported me. i felt a bit parented in a really good way.


as i progress in my life, i also want to be attuned to people like this.

p.s. ok i know, i should be more attuned to my own emotions first. in my defense i was sleep deprived, i had to wake up for a 7am thing.

to my dismay, being a PM (across timezones) means giving up waking up at 10am every day...

also there's an argument my emotions were standard/easy to identify. but whatever definitely spent too long thinking about this 30 second interaction already lol