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achieve balance: maintain, rest and refill

achieve balance: maintain, rest and refill
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Recharge outside of work by focusing on three things: maintenance, rest, and refill.

Maintenance means getting your chores done. By cleaning your space, buying groceries, organizing your finances and accomplishing other responsibilities, you're taking care of yourself, says Ballestero. And things being in order when the vacation is over will help you return to work with less stress.

Rest means making time for low-energy, relaxing activities such as reading, watching TV or taking a walk so that your body can physically recharge. Multiple studies have shown that such relaxation techniques can lower your blood pressure, improve digestion and slow your heart rate, among other health benefits.

Refill, Ballesteros's final recommendation, refers to the "fun activities that make up the meaning of life," like hanging out with friends, traveling or spending time on a new hobby. Fulfilling activities help deepen your relationships and create happy memories, Ballesteros says, both of which are good for your mental health.

- Morgan Smith, source

I find myself out of balance when I don't balance my downtime between these 3 activities.

  • I might write and socialize all weekend, and then never rest or get groceries.
  • Or I might spend all my weeknights on chores and rest, and then feel restless.

Personally, I overestimate how much time I need to refill, and underestimate how much time I need to maintain and rest.

I want to balance all 3 now.