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animedoro - amazing anti procrastination technique

animedoro - amazing anti procrastination technique
Photo by Dex Ezekiel / Unsplash

a couple years ago, i tried this genius productivity technique.

basically you alternate the following:

  • work for an hour
  • watch a 30m anime episode

work, watch, work, watch. it's a variation on the pomodoro technique, so: animedoro. i don't think those timings are exactly right, i forget.

anyway, i remember the creator saying he enjoys it because he feels like he's lightly working, and enjoying his life, instead of feeling like he's just doing soul crushing work all the time with no fun.

more recently i realized the genius of this. a book i read talked about how an enemy of getting work done is the feeling of overwhelm.

if you feel you have a shit ton of work, with no light at the end of the tunnel - that's not very motivating.

that's why i've been trying to make sure there's a reward at the end of my work - something fun like a TV episode, or a nice dinner, or a nice walk. it's not necessarily about the reward itself. it's mostly about making sure the work doesn't take so long it feels soul crushing.

there needs to be an end to the work, and it needs to be not crazy far off. you should reach the end of the work, and reach the reward.

you might think you can just power through a 12 hour day and save time. you can do that for a day or a few days. but it's hard to keep that up forever. eventually, you'll start dreading work. best to keep it to manageable chunks with rewards at the end instead.

anyway, i'm basically saying there's a lot of good principle behind animedoro.

watch the original video if you're hooked.

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