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stardew valley

stardew valley

i've been wanting to try playing a video game for a couple weeks now. i read a great novel about video games and wanted to give a game a try.

...except i have no game experience and no hand eye coordination LOL.

given that a friend or two recommended I try Stardew Valley so I downloaded it on Steam tn. only $10 thanks to the Steam spring sale!!

I like the concept so far. the idea of leaving your modern office worker life to go farm and connect with the townspeople in your little town - all seems nice.

music and art 👌 but now i'm a bit stuck.

i'm trying to talk to the townspeople but idk how to click the chat bubble?!?

No description available.
i spent like 10 mins making my avatar LOL (i'm the one on the right)

i'm straight incompetent lol.

i will figure this out soon, and hopefully this game sticks 🤞