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vámonos! andiamo! gaja!

vámonos! andiamo! gaja!

let's go is my favorite phrase to say across languages

I know by heart the vámonos song from Dora the Explorer

come on vámonos
everybody let's go
come on let's get to it
i know that we can do it!

and when i was studying abroad in Italy, my friend and i were obsessed with saying andiamo :)

friend: let's go get gelato
everyone: yes let's! andiamo!

also relevant:

When I sprang from my comfortable university career into a new life in a foreign country, I took a big risk. Some of the best decisions we make come from that inner voice that says “Why not?” That says “Andiamo.”

Frances Mayes, Author of Under the Tuscan Sun

and most recently i just love how 가자 sounds!!