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examples: default solo vs. default social

examples: default solo vs. default social
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last year, I was generally default solo.

  • I lived in SF solo
  • I went to Mexico solo (I hella glamorize solo travel tbh)
  • I watched 10 kdramas solo
  • I didn't take friends' recommendations for books or shows
  • I meditated solo and went to the gym solo
  • I didn't take vacation when family and friends did
  • I ate meals solo
  • I pursued my hobbies like learning Korean and dance solo
  • I worked from home

this year, I tried being more default social.

  • I live with roommates in Brooklyn
  • I'm going to Italy with a friend
  • I watched a kdrama with my housemate
  • I watched Tamil movies my parents recommended & I read multiple books a friend recommended
  • In July I went to the gym with my roommate & in the fall I meditated with my housemate
  • I tried going to my roommate's writing club regularly and my other roommate's weekly meditation
  • Sometimes I'll eat lunch or dinner with housemates
  • I took Korean lessons with friends
  • I go into the office sometimes

My conclusion now is that it's a balance (duh). I have to do what feels right for me.

I prefer my hobbies to my friends' hobbies, and to be honest I like my music more than my friends' music.

But I like tagging along with my roommates' routines. I like reading books and watching movies friends and family recommend. I like eating dinner with people. And I like traveling with some of them.