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Rabbit Hole To Make You Smile: BTS

Need new music? Try BTS. I listened to the boys' Tiny Desk concert and I got hooked. Now I firmly believe these boys are angels and should be protected at all costs 😩

Why I'm Obsessed

Of course, I'm obsessed with the music: the lyrics, the vocals and rap, the choreo.

But I'm also obsessed with them as people, because of the close friendships and warm group dynamic the members have. The members tease one another, cry, tell each other their problems. One example. In a clip, Suga, our quietest member, tells V he loves him. And it's adorable.

Basically, they remind me I want to go through life with a crew 💕

I'll show you more through the videos.

Meet The Boys

The boys and their names:

DONT CLICK THE LINK | Bts name, Bts pictures, Bts members

Start by watching this heart to heart. Or this clip. It'll give you a sense for their personalities and group dynamic.

Then, learn about each member through hilarious and heartwarming videos:

  • Jimin - boy has voice of an angel but feels he's not as good at singing as other members 😭
  • Jungkook - sleeps in Jimin's room because he's more comfortable there, precious thing
  • V - repeatedly fails at Flip-Bottle and gets showed up by Jungkook
  • RM - boy has an IQ of 148 and is the "dad" of the group
  • Suga - the quiet one but there's a clip where says ily to V and IT MELTS MY HEART
  • J Hope - the literal manifestation of hope, the smiliest, and his verse in Save Me 😍
  • Jin - we all love him (Worldwide Handsome) but he might have to enlist in the army soon 😭

If you want more of their personality, you can watch the variety show Run BTS.

Meet Their Music

Start with the Tiny Desk concert. Only fourteen minutes.

Then, watch this video with the top three songs of each album. Or look through r/bangtan's favorite songs on the 2020 census.

Then, figure out if you're a rap line stan (RM, J Hope, Suga) or a vocal line stan (Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, V). Maybe pick a bias (a member you like most).

In any case, follow your interest!


  • K-pop is meant to be enjoyed visually. Watch on Youtube.
  • Check out the dance practices for each song.
  • Their lyrics are to die for. Watch on Youtube and turn on closed captions. Also read them on Genius.
  • You may or may not love their newest song (Permission to Dance). That's OK! Don't let it keep you from the rest of their wonderful discography.
  • I started by loving Save Me and Spring Day. But now I also love Pied Piper, Black Swan, Fake Love, Baepsae, and Blood Sweat & Tears.
  • Of the rap line's individual mixtapes, I love RM's Seoul, Suga's Daechwita, and J Hope's Airplane
  • If you're into literature or art, check the analysis of Blood Sweat & Tears. It's deep and involves Renaissance art pieces.

This article is first in a series of Internet rabbit holes that are fun and rewarding. Hope you like :)

With much love,