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growth mindset

i've had chances to practice grit and growth mindset multiple times recently in redecorating my room.

first, when i received the ikea dresser i had gotten. it looks hecka intimidating to assemble. i was considering even hiring someone to do it (esp cuz my back issues that weekend). but in the end, i diligently worked at it and got it done, given enough time.

second, today i got a little dismayed or got a slight sense of overwhelm when i looked at my desk setup with some items i got and found it to be unaesthetic. it felt like it might not be within my abilities to resolve it, but i sat down and journaled about wasn't working with the setup, tweaked some things and got it to work!

i also felt this a few times this month at work, where i didn't think i could do something, and i had no idea how i would, but i figured it out.

it's been really rewarding to see myself make the most of these moments where i'm intimidated or overwhelmed. it gives me confidence i can handle many situations, as long as i think critically and am given enough time.

i would encourage anyone reading this to think about times they've overcome significant challenges. try to remember these success stories of yours next time you're facing a challenge!