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anki tips for language learning

anki tips for language learning

quick notes from the book Fluent Forever:

  • the author makes the argument to make your own anki cards, because the process of making them helps you remember. (i was not making my own cards before but i'm trying it now.)
  • vocab cards: author explains when you associate a card with an image, you're more likely to remember it. duh. but he specifically recommends spending 20 seconds looking up an image for the card via google images. i tried it and it's actually so fun and quick.

example card I made, 모시다 means to accompany

  • here's a link to find MP3 pronunciations for words.
  • grammar cards / sentence mining cards: go through sentences in your grammar book. each word / grammar form that is new, do a fill-in-the-blank card (fill-in-the-blank aka cloze deletion).

if English is your TL (for the word in):

  • book says do 15-30 words a day

book summary