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useful keyboard shortcuts you don't know yet

Here are some keyboard shortcuts I use every day, on Mac.


  • Cmd T - open new tab
  • Cmd L - jump to search/url bar
  • Cmd Shift T - open last closed tab


Navigating/manipulating text

  • Ctrl A - jump to beginning of line or text box
  • Ctrl E - jump to end of line or text box
  • Ctrl D - delete a character in front of the cursor

There's more, but these are my favorites, especially Ctrl A and Ctrl E. Try Ctrl A and Ctrl E in your Chrome URL bar, or in a paragraph on Google Docs.

I also use Slack style emojis on MacOS. For example, I can type :joy: to get 😂, or type :sob: to get 😭, all through an app called Rocket.

I read in a book there are three components to charisma: power, presence, and warmth.

Because I use Rocket and more emojis, I exude more warmth and thus more charisma 💪