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How To Write Rich and Elegant Sentences

Writing advice tells us to write not just words, but music.

You might’ve seen Gary Provost’s rendition of that advice:

But while Provost makes the goal clear—to write music, not words—he leaves the implementation unclear.

Yeah, I can write short and medium sentences.

But now I want to write longer sentences, sentences to evoke awe and drama, sentences to burn with energy and build with all the impetus of a crescendo.

How do I do that?

It turns out the relevant techniques are imprisoned inside dry and dense grammar books. It also turns out the techniques aren’t mainstream.

And so I have a social mission in sharing this material with you. I want more people to write rich and sumptuous sentences for the Internet. And hopefully through this guide I can help one or two people do just that.

In this guide, click to learn:

The goal: X-Ray vision into what makes short and medium sentences pop and longer sentences crackle. Let’s get to it.